Beginning with the Expo & Instant Housing Lottery in 1990, KLS has produced and supplied various instant lotteries and scratch cards for prize giveaways.

As the pioneer of Korea's lottery industry, KLS has introduced fundamental technologies in 1995, and has secured itself as the unparalleled leader of Korea's online lottery business by constantly developing and localizing new technologies and securing professional manpower.

Being selected in the Korean online lottery system operator bid in 2002, it has successfully established an online lottery system over a short period of time and contributed to the growth of the Korean lottery industry by successfully operating the system without a single accident over the 5 year operating period.

online Lotto game aimed at foreigners with a draw made every day is new on the market. Kolotto which handles the lottery venture for Korea Tourism Association announced on 25th that it has newly introduced a selection-based Lotto for foreign patrons.

The newly introduced 'Daily Lotto 5/30' is issued by Lotto ticket vending machines, in which the customer selects 5 numbers from 1-30 and fills them in on the Main form and is issued with a lottery slip by the vendor.

Regardless of the sequence of numbers, once there are identically matching numbers, the player claims the prize lot. In the case of the first prizewinner, he should match both all the 5 numbers on the Main Form and 1 number on the Super Ball Form to claim the prize.

The minimum prize lot for the first prizewinner is \ 100 million Won.

Lottery tickets are available for sale at Korea Tourism Gift Shops at Myeong-dong and Insadong, Buy the Way branches at special tourist areas and the Itaewon branch, Itaewon and Yongsan branches of lottery counter, CheonhaMyeongdang.